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  • BT Metals Makes June SHINE!!!

    It’s been a busy spring here at BT Metals and we want to share our latest successes with you. As a local business in Eureka since 1956, we feel like nothing is more important than community involvement. Let’s work together to keep it local!

    Latest News Update:

    BT Metals now offers certified welding. Our team is available within Humboldt and surrounding counties for and jobs you may have that require certified welders. Just give us a call at 443-0934.

    Our Inventory is Expanding

      BT Metals has a wide variety of metals in-stock to meet your needs, and we regularly update our inventory so we always know what’s immediately on-hand. Give us a call!

    BT Metals Goes Nationwide

    BT Metals has expanded its services and gone nationwide. We now offer metals distribution to federal, state and local agencies to meet the industrial metals needs acroos the industries of Construction, Defense, Transportation and Energy as well as to our Armed Services. BT Metals is proud to serve these markets with the highest quality metals that guarantee success and peace of mind for the industries that need it most.

    Customize Your Business Image Using Our Plasma Cutter

    BT Metals has a highly trained staff with a flair for creativity and a desire to help your business succeed. Ask us about helping you design custom logos and metal products to help your business stand out and SHINE!

    Stop by Carl Johnson or the HPRC in Arcata to see the latest examples of our work.

    Stay tuned for updates on the latest happenings at BT Metals.



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